AOU Application Form

AOU is now accepting applications for the Spring 2020/2021.

Admission Center (*)    
Required documents
- Certified copy of the Lebanese Baccalaureate or its equivalent.
- Copy of the Individual Information Record, copy of the Identity Card or copy of the Passport.
- Three (3) recent passport size, colored photos.
- Application fee of $65.

For non-Lebanese students, additional documents are required:
- Residency Permit (if applicable).
- Residency Certificate (issued by the mayor).
- Employment Certificate (if applicable).
- Proof of funding.
- Equivalence of the Lebanese Baccalaureate by the Lebanese Ministry of Higher Education.
1- Applicant Personal Info
Personal Information
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Additional Information
Gender (*)
Marital Status (*)
Date Of Birth (*)  
Birth Place (*)   مكان الولادة
Title (*)
Main Nationality (*)
Second Nationality
Registry Number (رقم السجل) ID Number (رقم بطاقة الهوية)
Lebanese Kayd Number (رقم اخراج القيد) Passport Number (رقم جواز السفر)
Contact Information
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2- Applicant Track Info
3- Applicant Additional Info
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